JOcelyn's Team

Hayley Gerstl

Hayley is one of Jocelyn's talented Co-Artists. She has been in the beauty industry for over 8 years and has worked alongside Jocelyn for more than 6 years. Hayley is not only amazing with makeup, but is also a very talented hairstylist. 

Hayley Gerstl is available to take wedding dates that Jocelyn is already booked for.


Hayley Driscoll

Hayley is one of Jocelyn's talented assistants. She usually joins for larger parties to help take care of all the logistics needed to keep everything running smooth. She is also a very talented baker who helps run Cape Cod Cakes, a bakery specializing in wedding cakes.


Monica Durango

Monica is another one of Jocelyn's Co-Artists. She travels all over New England with Jocelyn helping large parties get ready for weddings and other events.